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Anonymous asked:

yes hi i need a fic rec where Harry wears panties please it's for science


well if it’s for science


i wanna say it’s a crossdressing rec post but lbr everything but the genderqueer series is just knickers. surprisingly there’s also just one with feminization. i put two extra kinks in brackets, but make sure to read the tags on the fics anyway. personal favourites are with a ❤.


♛ 16 boys in panties under the cut 

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imagine 1d on family feud im crying listen ok liam would always give a shitty answer that he’d be lucky to get on the board and niall would give the sensible answers and be really good at fast money louis would be the one who answered for the whole team and zayn would always get the number one answer and harry would give the awful answers that would get steve to give him the look for about five minutes and then make fun of him mercilessly


Anonymous asked:

You said you need pics of the fiance out and about with his baby bump. And there you have it, Harry at the studio looking even more pregnant than the last time. It's time for Gossip girl!!!! xxxxxx


Gossip Girl here, and spring is in the air, which has been leaving our two favorite alleged love birds looking more fresh faced than ever!!

Now, Mr Styles has been out and about at a few quiet dinners looking pretty similar to the better half,

Nice sweater Styles, matchy matchy,

But wait! Do my eyes deceive me?

Is that yet another ring that you’re test driving sir? Could be why Louis T is looking especially smug, we know how much he loves to keep putting  a ring on it,

or perhaps it’s because he was out for grocery run - did a certain someone have cravings for pickles and ice cream, hmm? - decked out in this adorable jumper, featuring what seems to be his adorable partners handwriting…


Moving on, we seem to have spotted the tiny Tommo as well,

Is it possible to be more precious?? We can only hope that Hazza receives a nightly belly rub and a big old smooch. He looks about ready to pop any day now, and my my my look who else is prepared,

Putting the Mr in Mr Tomlinson, the dad hair is ready to rock.

Best looking daddies to be if we do say so ourselves ♥

Until next time!


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